How to Find Baby Gear that Lasts (Almost) Forever
How to Find Baby Gear that Lasts (Almost) Forever
October 6, 2020

How to Find Baby Gear that Lasts (Almost) Forever

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How to Find Baby Gear that Lasts (Almost) Forever.
How to Find Baby Gear that Lasts (Almost) Forever

People aren’t kidding when they say babies grow really fast. Which means they can also outgrow their gear really fast. Luckily baby brands have caught on, and lots of products are now designed to grow with your baby (you can read all about how to find grow-with-me gear here). But some baby brands have taken the concept to the extreme (in a good way), and are designing innovative gear that doesn’t just grow with your baby from infancy to toddlerhood—it lasts practically until adulthood.

We’ve partnered with Stokke, to share a few tricks for choosing gear that will really go the extra mile. And they should know—Stokke is one of the pioneers of adaptable gear that grows with your baby and is best known for making the high chair that your baby could literally bring to college if they wanted to. So whether you’re trying to preserve a minimalist lifestyle or simply want to avoid the cost of future gear upgrades, here are few of the things to look for that will extend the life of your baby’s must-haves.

Shop for Sturdiness

If your baby’s gear is really going to last until middle school or beyond, it helps if it’s made out of sturdy materials. Both the Tripp Tripp Chair and Stokke Sleepi Crib are made out of solid, responsibly sourced European beech wood and intentionally designed to last from birth until, well, a really long time.

The Tripp Trapp chair can be used from day one when you add the newborn attachments and then it converts to an ergonomic child and adult seat that can hold up to 300 lbs. Meanwhile, the Sleepi Crib provides a stylish place for your newborn to rest and then expands to accommodate a growing child.

High-quality materials are also helpful if you’re thinking about having more children and want your gear to last through several babies in good condition.

Snag the Conversion Kits

While two or three years might seem forever away, babies really are time thieves. (What’s that saying about the days being long and the years short?) So if a product has a conversion kit that will extend the life of your gear, go ahead and register for or buy that now. That way you’re not staring down an unexpected expense when your baby is suddenly ready to transition out of their crib and into a toddler bed (or left hoping that the conversion kit is still available when they are ready).

While many cribs offer toddler conversion kits, some brands really stretch the life of your gear with conversion kits that take you through childhood. With the Stokke Sleepi Crib, you have a built-in option to convert to a toddler bed by removing the side rail. But with an added “junior” sleep conversion kit, you can extend your kiddo’s bed until they’re around 10 years old. (At which point it can be used as a sofa in their room…or yours!)

Ask About Accessories

The “forever” part of forever gear isn’t just about how long it lasts, it’s also about how early you can start using it. When you’re researching products, check the accessories to see if there are any newborn-compatible attachments that allow you to use your gear right away (like an infant insert for your carrier). For example, the Tripp Trapp chair’s accessories include an optional newborn set that can take the place of a bouncer while allowing your baby to hang out with you tableside during mealtimes.

Whether you’re moving from bottles to sippy cups or transitioning from an infant car seat to a convertible one, having a baby inevitably means having a rotating assortment of age-appropriate gear. But one or two products that you don’t have to update can be a major win for your closets—and in the long run—for your wallet too.

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