6 Innovative Sleep Products for Baby
6 Innovative Sleep Products for Baby
February 25, 2018

6 Innovative Sleep Products for Baby

6 Innovative Sleep Products for Baby.
These products aim to get baby safely to sleep faster, and allow them to sleep longer.6 Innovative Sleep Products for Baby

One of the first things you learn with a new baby is that your long nights of luxurious sleep are over.

Still, sleep is a precious commodity, a must to maintain your health and your sanity. So what’s a tired parent to do? These products aim to help you get baby safely to sleep faster, and allow them to sleep longer, which means more restorative rest for you and your partner, too.

A Sound Machine that Mimics the Womb

The best way to soothe and calm your little one is to create sounds that replicate what they heard when inside the womb—like what the Baby Shusher provides. Its rhythmic shushing sound is loud, but don’t be alarmed—it’s calming for baby and might just be what your little one needs to hear to drift off into dreamland.

A Soothing Sight and Sound Display

This multi-functional sleep machine not only offers six different sounds and songs, but it projects images on to the ceiling as well. You can opt for just noise, like rain drops or a “Twinkle, Twinkle” song, or couple it with a colorful image. Plus, it has an auto-off timer, so you can choose to keep it on for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes—or let it run all night.

A Noise Maker that Moves Through the Fall-Asleep Stages

As we mentioned, those womb sounds are key to helping lull your little one to sleep. This brilliant and budget-friendly option cycles through sounds, starting with a shushing noise to calm a crying baby, then a heartbeat noise to move them into a Zen zone and ultimately white noise to maintain their sleep state. It even has a nightlight that pulses in rhythm with the sounds.

A Crib that Calms and Keeps Baby Asleep

Fans of The Happiest Baby on the Block know that Dr. Harvey Karp is basically a miracle worker when it comes to calming an irritable infant. Well, he’s invented a genius crib that detects when your little one is wailing and reacts by turning on sounds and movement that mimic the womb, lulling your baby back to sleep. That means you don’t have to run in there and soothe them back to sleep! That means, you can stay in bed! Yes, it’s a very expensive item, but you can’t put a price tag on precious sleep.

A Bassinet Built for Two

If you have twins, this brilliant sleeper could be a lifesaver. It’s just one bassinet, but each baby has their own sleep space, with breathable mesh walls to keep them separate, yet connected. This bassinest is also the only twin product on the market that rotates 360 degrees, with a side wall you can lower for middle-of-the-night feedings, diaper changes and snuggles. It also includes its own sleep machine, with soothing sounds, songs, a nightlight, breastfeeding timer and vibration settings.

A High-Tech Sleep Monitor

As a new parent, you’re desperate for sleep…but you may also find yourself waking up every hour to check on baby. This handy gadget gives you peace of mind, so you can sleep a little easier. It’s a wearable monitor that attaches to your baby’s ankle and then lets you know (via an app) if your baby is asleep or awake. It even alerts you if your baby rolls over. As your baby sleeps, it monitors their heart rate and motion, and then gives you a custom sleep report. So no more waking up all the time to check on them.

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