10 Nursery Staples That Grow With Your Baby
10 Nursery Staples That Grow With Your Baby
October 12, 2021

10 Nursery Staples That Grow With Your Baby

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10 Nursery Staples That Grow With Your Baby.
10 Nursery Staples That Grow With Your Baby

Wouldn’t it be cool if your baby never outgrew the stuff you painstakingly picked out for them? Well, when it comes to their nursery, there’s actually a way to do that. These convertible furniture pieces adapt to your little one’s growth spurts, going from baby-sized to big-kid sized and saving you money, storage space and emergency overnight shipping in the meantime. Here are 10 nursery furniture staples that do double, triple and even quadruple duty.

Convertible Cribs

If you opt for a convertible crib, all you’ll need to go from crib to toddler bed (and possibly even a big kid bed) is a conversion kit and some elbow grease. But there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a crib like this:

  • How convertible is it? Some cribs go from crib to toddler bed. Others can convert all the way up to an adult-sized full bed. So check the specs on your crib before you buy, to see just how much mileage you can get out of it. In general, the higher the number (aka 4-in-1 vs. 2-in-1) the longer it’ll last you.
  • Is the conversion kit included? Some cribs come with a conversion kit in the box, and others you’ll need to purchase separately. If yours is the latter, it’s always a good idea to register for or purchase the conversion kits at the same time you buy your crib. Inventory is always changing, and those accessories might not be available when your baby is ready to upgrade in a few years.

Here’s what it looks like with one crib, four different ways:

PBK Convertible Crib gif

And a few of our favorite picks:

Cottagecore Classic

For parents who were really into reading Anne of Green Gables as a child (and secretly hope their baby will be, too) the whimsical 4-in-1 crib featured above is where it’s at. Bonus: the GREENGUARD Gold certification means it meets strict chemical emission standards to help keep your baby’s air safe. Toddler and full-size conversion kits sold separately.

Retro Minimalist

Made in a Fair Trade factory, this crib blends ’50s flair with modern functionality. It converts from a crib to a big-kid bed (toddler bed and full-size conversion kits sold separately), and the sleek design makes it versatile enough for baby’s teenage years or even a guest room.

Bridgerton for Babies

This vintage-inspired tufted 3-in-1 convertible crib is oh-so-sturdy and oh-so-sweet. With an upholstered design that transforms into a headboard (no conversion kit needed for that one—just add a metal bed frame), all you need here is the toddler rail conversion kit and you’ll be set for all stages. Here’s how it looks IRL:

PBK Blythe Crib gif

Back in Black

A classic 3-in-1 crib gets a bold update thanks to a rich black finish (available only at Pottery Barn Kids). Made from solid wood and GREENGUARD Gold certified, the conversion kits are already included with this one—it goes from crib to toddler bed (with rails) to daybed (no rails) in one box. All you have to do is bring the baby.

Nursery Chairs with a Twist

A comfy nursery chair can be a godsend in those early days of parenthood when your baby’s feeding and soothing schedule is basically every hour on the hour. But when things slow down a bit, there are two ways to give your nursery seating a second life:

  • Convertible rocking chair. These smartly designed rocking chairs feature removable legs, so you can turn your rocking chair into a regular chair and continue using it in your baby’s room or give it a renewed purpose in a playroom or family area.
  • Glider and recliner in one. If a glider is more your style, consider one that does double duty as a recliner. You won’t necessarily need a glider forever, but a stylish recliner? If grandparents are any indication, you can use those for decades.

Pottery Barn Nursery Seating GIF

Here are just a few of the chairs that let you do that:

Refreshed Rocker

This sturdy-yet-stylish rocking chair goes with just about anything. Crafted from solid, sturdy pinewood, all you have to do is remove the rockers and replace them with legs (sold separately) to convert this nursery seat into a cozy accent chair that fits in anywhere.

Wingback Wingman

Designed specifically for soothing and feeding, the padded headrest on this chair offers support, while the winged back and smaller armrests offer more shoulder and elbow space. To convert this to a stationary chair befitting any library or Masterpiece Theater set, you’ll just need the feet (sold separately).

The Triple Threat

A classic recliner in looks only, this chair swivels, glides and reclines for versatile soothing and deep relaxation. Once it’s in recline mode? This chair becomes stationary so you don’t have to worry about any rogue movements waking baby.

Not Your Grandad’s Recliner

While technically a swivel chair and not a glider, this power recliner gets an honorary mention for the smooth, silent reclining mechanism that lets you quietly adjust your chair with the push of a button—without waking your baby. The only downside is figuring out who gets to watch TV in it when you migrate this seat from the nursery to the living room.

Changing Tables that Change It Up

Diapers are typically only part of the equation for a few years. But you’ll pretty much always need a space to store your baby’s clothes. That’s why these smart changing tables include a removable topper—once your diaper days are behind you, remove the topper and voila! Dresser.

Pottery Barn Kids Changing Table GIF

You can often find changing table/dresser combos that are a direct match for your crib, like this versatile changing table that coordinates seamlessly with this classic crib, or this mid century changing table that pairs perfectly with the (no surprises here) mid century modern crib. But if you’re looking for a statement piece that also goes with everything, we’ve got two for you.

Well Rounded Furniture

Style meets function with this modern geometric dresser. The extra-wide design leaves plenty of space for all of your baby’s adorable little outfits, and the included topper comes with two spacious compartments—one for changing baby and one for storing all of their diaper accoutrements.

Not So Buttoned Up

This playful dresser and matching topper are where kid-forward and adult-friendly design collide. The two-tone palette gives it versatility, and you’ll be grateful for those oversized, easy-to-grab knobs during middle-of-the-night outfit changes when you’ve only got your eyes kind of half opened.

Time has a way of speeding up once babies arrive. Or at least, that’s how it can feel when you watch your newly mobile toddler try to climb out of their crib for the first time. Next thing you know, you’re Googling motion sensors and window locks. But with grow-with-me nursery gear, at least your furniture will be at the ready when it comes time to level-up your baby’s living space. In the meantime, click here for tips on how to create a nursery you’ll truly love.

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