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8 Registry Must-Haves You Can’t Get on Amazon
Updated on
March 29, 2023

8 Registry Must-Haves You Can’t Get on Amazon

By Babylist Team
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8 Registry Must-Haves You Can’t Get on Amazon.
8 Registry Must-Haves You Can’t Get on Amazon

Amazon is a go-to place for a lot of the things you’ll need for baby. From Amazon Prime to subscribe-and-save discounts on recurring shipments for things like diapers and wipes, it’s 100% a new parent helper.

But when it comes to creating your baby registry, there are some awesome things for baby that you just can’t register for on Amazon.

These are great additions that can only be added to a registry like Babylist, which lets you add any item from any store, as well as help and favors and cash funds.

Here are some unique items to consider adding to your registry.

A new parent favorite, Solly Baby wraps are lightweight, super soft and create a snug, womb-like environment for babies. It also comes in a variety of subtle colors and patterns, including this gender-neutral stripe pattern that’s exclusive to Babylist.

If you think all pacifiers are the same, or that babies will take just any pacifier you give them, think again. That’s why it’s a good idea to start with a variety of pacifiers for baby to try. But rather than buying multiples of different brands, racking up the cost and ending up with lots of pacis your little one won’t touch, the Pacifier Box from Babylist gives you one pacifier each from six different brands so you can see what baby likes, then you can stock up on their favorite.

Personal touches can make a nursery unique to you and your family—not to mention making the arrival of your baby feel that much more real. These custom crib sheets are not only adorable, but they’ll add a special touch to your baby’s room.

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If you’re going to bottle feed, know this: Some babies have definite opinions about the bottle they’re using. The one you picked out may not be the one they love. This bottle sampler lets you try out five different popular bottles so you can see which one your baby likes best before you buy a whole set. Prefer glass over plastic or silicone? There’s a Glass Bottle Box, too.

This direct-to-consumer stroller has a lot of similar features—think a solid suspension system, multi-position seat and large canopy and storage basket— that you’ll find in big-ticket strollers, but at a fraction of the cost. The Mockingbird also comes with a lifetime warranty, which is reassuring for something you’ll probably using for years to come.

Many parents-to-be know the importance of play in a baby’s development, but the truth is once your child arrives, it can sometimes be tough to know just how to encourage it. These age-based playkits from Lovevery take the guess work out of developmental play with sustainably made playthings based on baby’s age, plus a play guide that helps you know what to do it them.

This crib is one of the most popular out there. It meets the same strict safety standards of more expensive cribs, and its simple and sleek design fits in nicely with modern nursery decor.

Help & Favors

Sometimes the best gift is an extra hand to pitch in around the house. Or someone to come over and walk your dog when you’re busy feeding baby ‘round the clock. Or someone to keep an eye on your baby for a few hours a day so you can eat, shower and meet all your own basic human needs. Whatever it is you think would be most helpful when baby arrives, you can add specific help or favors to your Babylist registry, and more importantly, make sure to cash it in when you need it.

Cash Funds

Babies are wonderful, but they can also be pricey! Sometimes what you need is cold hard cash. Whether it’s a diaper fund, a childcare fund, a take-out fund or even a college fund, the Cash Fund feature at Babylist allows you to set how much you want, name your fund and tell your loved ones why it’s important to you and your family. Planning on registering for a big-ticket item like a stroller? Cash funds are also a great way to allow multiple people to contribute to the higher-priced items on your registry (potentially increasing the likelihood of you actually getting them).

All in all, your baby registry should be as unique as you are, so don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to a single retailer like Amazon. Babylist lets you register for any item from any store—even cash funds and help and favors too. Start your Babylist registry now.

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