How to Figure Out Which Graco Infant Car Seat is Right for You
How to Figure Out Which Graco Infant Car Seat is Right for You
April 22, 2021

How to Figure Out Which Graco Infant Car Seat is Right for You

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How to Figure Out Which Graco Infant Car Seat is Right for You

Car seat features have come a seriously long way since we were kids, both comfort and safety-wise. But sometimes all those options can make it a challenge to choose between similar models from the same manufacturer.

If you’re looking at Graco infant car seats, you may be asking yourself: what’s the difference between an LX car seat and a DLX car seat? SnugRide? SnugLock? What does the number 35 mean? (Is it a secret code?) Babylist Scout Julie took the Graco SnugRide SnugFit 35 for a test drive in our video review above, answering these questions along the way.

Like all car seats, the SnugRide SnugFit 35 is required to meet strict safety standards. This means that any bonus features simply make for an easier install and a comfier ride. But here’s a tip: the safest car seat is the one you can install correctly every time. And the easier the install, the more likely you are to get it right. Here’s how Graco breaks it down:


SnugRide: SnugRide is the umbrella term used for all of Graco’s infant car seats. So if you see the word SnugRide, expect a rear-facing infant car seat (as opposed to Graco’s numerous convertible car seats, which are designed to last beyond the infant years).

SnugFit: SnugFit and SnugLock both refer to car seat base technology. SnugFit car seat bases feature a special anti-rebound bar that helps the base fit snugly in your car (see what they did there?) and limits movement in the event of impact. Less movement means less likelihood of injury. For an idea of what an anti-rebound bar looks like, watch Julie’s video at the 46 second mark.

SnugLock: When you see the word SnugLock attached to a Graco infant car seat, that means that the base has been designed to install in less than one minute using either the LATCH system or your vehicle’s seat belt, thanks to a cool mechanism that helps to lock off the belt nice and tight for a secure install (you’ll also find SnugLock technology on select Graco’s convertible car seats too).

Take note: SnugFit and SnugLock technology are not mutually exclusive. Some car seats feature one benefit, some have both. So pay attention to both the car seat name and the product description when you’re shopping to find out what you’re getting. Keep reading for a quick tip on how to tell if your car seat packs extra features, without having to click on a million product links.

30 vs 35: Every Graco infant car seat has a number attached to it. Most say 35, but you will find the occasional 30 in the product name. That number is really straightforward: it’s the maximum weight limit before you need to upgrade to a convertible or all-in-one car seat.

So if you’re looking at the Graco SnugRide SnugFit 35, that means your baby can ride in it until they reach 35 lbs or hit the max height limit (which you can find in your car seat’s manual).

InRight LATCH: Regardless of which base technology you choose, all Graco infant car seats come with two options for installing the base: your vehicle’s seat belt or LATCH connectors. LATCH connectors attach to the lower anchor points of your back seat and some parents find them easier to use than a seat belt.

If you’ve ever installed an older car seat, you may recall LATCH connectors as being basic hooks (which weren’t always the easiest to work with). But Graco’s InRight latch connectors are really simple to use—you just push until you hear the click, then tighten. You can find all of the Graco infant car seats with InRight LATCH here (it’s almost all of them).

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Remember how we said that some infant car seats pack multiple features into one product? That’s where these letters come in:

LX: If you see the letters “LX” on a Graco SnugFit infant car seat, that’s a sure sign it also uses SnugLock technology. So if you see SnugRide SnugFit LX, you can expect the anti-rebound bar and the one-minute install. LX is just a handy way of shortening the product name.

DLX, XT and Elite: Beyond the basic safety features, Graco has a myriad of comfort and convenience options built into their infant car seats, including a handle you can adjust with one hand, extra padding for infant support, a no-rethread harness and more. You’ll find most of those bonus features on the DLX and Elite versions of Graco’s car seats.

You can watch Julie’s video to see which features come standard on the SnugRide SnugFit 35 and which features get added when you upgrade to the DLX, and Elite models or check out the comparison chart below for a quick overview of some of the new models:

Graco Car Seat Chart Photo

But you don’t have to become a Graco expert to find the right car seat for you. The easiest way to identify the features you want is to head over to Graco and filter your search results by safety, comfort and convenience. Tada! The result will be a customized car seat just for you. And all of Graco’s infant car seats easily connect with Graco strollers to become combo travel systems, or you can connect them with other popular brands using a car seat adapter.

Head over to find the infant car seat model that best meets your needs or read up on whether an all-in-one car seat might actually do the trick instead.

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