55 Best Baby Products of 2019
Best Baby Products of 2019
December 18, 2019

Best Baby Products of 2019

Babylist editors love baby gear and independently curate their favorite products to share with you. If you buy something through links on our site, Babylist may earn a commission.
Best Baby Products of 2019.
Babylist families share their favorite, can’t-live-without products and gear for baby for 2019.Best Baby Products of 2019

With everything else you had to do to prepare for baby, figuring out what you need as a new parent is challenging. There’s a ton of gear, an overwhelming amount of options and everything looks so incredibly cute. But do you need it?

We asked Babylist families about their must-have items and received more than 9,000 responses. After sifting through the data, we figured out which ones were the favorites.

These are the gems parents swear made life easier.

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Two-in-One Car Seat

Doona’s infant car seat is made for superhero parents: able to instantly transform a car seat into a stroller, dash into stores and get errands done at the speed of light. The secret? The Doona car seat has stroller legs tucked underneath and an extending handlebar. Touch a button and it becomes a stroller in seconds, which makes it ideal for getting in and out of taxis (and your own car) in a hurry. It also has orthopedic cushioning for a seriously comfy ride and takes up zero trunk space.

Baby Barista

Like your favorite coffee shop, the Formula Pro whips up perfectly warmed and mixed bottles of formula in 30 seconds or less. Just pour in formula and water for up to 20 bottles and the next time your precious becomes hangry, all you need to do is select your bottle size and press start.

Perfect Fit Carrier

With so many ways to adjust the fit—for both you and your baby—the All Seasons carrier is comfortable to wear from the time your child is a newborn (no infant insert necessary) through toddlerdom. The seat widens and narrows to keep your tot’s hips and legs at a healthy angle, and the shoulder and belt straps adjust as well to evenly distribute your child’s weight. Extra lumbar support means no achy back for you, and a panel that unzips on your baby’s back helps keep things cool when it’s hot outside. The bonus? Six carrying positions lets your child soak up different views while staying close to you.

Keeping It Fresh

Diaper changing is a dirty business, but no one has to know what goes down in the nursery. When you toss diapers into the Diaper Genie it seals in odors and keeps the smell from invading your little one’s room, the hall or your entire home (it’s bad sometimes!). It has a foot pedal, too, so you can open it hands-free—a good thing when you’re holding down a squirmy baby or covered in diaper cream.

Hospital-Grade Pump

It used to be that if you wanted a hospital-grade pump—the kind that’s best at collecting the most milk in the least amount of time—you had to figure out how to rent one from a hospital. But those days are over. Now you can get your own personal pump without sacrificing superior performance. Unlike most breast pumps, the Spectra features a closed system that keeps the milk separate from pump parts so you don’t have to stress about cleaning out tiny tubes, which can become breeding places for mold and bacteria. Plus, this pump is super quiet, fast and has thoughtful extras like a nightlight and timer.

Breathable Wrap

Babywearing in warm weather can turn you and your little one into a sweaty mess. To help keep you two cool, the Solly Baby Wrap is made of lightweight, breathable modal fabric. Wrap the long piece of fabric—sustainably sourced from Austrian beechwood trees and made with eco-friendly dyes—around you to create a soft, but strong cocoon in a traditional front-carry style.

Soothing Swing

Swings are one of the key tools parents use to soothe babies. That’s because motion—rocking, swaying and swinging—all remind wee ones of the womb where they felt safest. This cozy swing can help your fussy infant settle down, or entertain your child with a moving mobile and 16 different songs and nature sounds. It also has the option to swing front-to-back or side-to-side, for babies who definitely know what direction they want to go.

Tot Hotspot

Oh yeah, this will be the place to see all the fun stuff and be seen (by mommy, daddy or Grammy, of course!). Watch your baby eyeball all the toys, bounce up and down, and swivel around in this seated activity center for babies at least four months old. Later, it transitions to a fun station for your tot to cruise around and then, to a playtime table for your toddler.

Simple Wrap

Love the idea of a baby wrap, but not the actual wrapping? No worries, the Baby K’Tan cuts down the number of steps you need to master in order to provide the snuggly comfort of a fabric wrap. It’s two connected loops of fabric instead of one long piece so it doesn’t drag on the floor when you’re putting it on, and it can be configured into five different babywearing positions. But keep in mind that unlike most wraps that are one size fits all, the Baby K’Tan comes in sizes, so one might not work for multiple caregivers.

Modern Bouncer

Tired of animal prints and pastels? This streamlined bouncer comes in solid neutrals and trendy colors that actually look good in your home. Your little one will get a kick out of making the bouncer rock—it sways when your baby moves, no batteries required. Later, it becomes a comfy seat for your toddler (up to two years old).

Multipurpose Soother

When your baby’s skin needs healing, this hardworking ointment does the job. Apply it to chapped spots on your baby’s face to soothe irritation from drool or wind. Or, use it as a diaper cream to guard against diaper rash. It can even calm a flare-up—the petroleum, glycerin and panthenol formula is proven to relieve diaper rash in as little as six hours.

Most Comfortable Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding can make your back and arms achy. But this nursing pillow does the heavy lifting for you. It straps around your waist to provide a soft resting spot for your baby to nurse so you can relax and enjoy this special time. The flat surface keeps your little one from rolling and the cover is machine washable because milk spills and spit-up.

Kangaroo-Style Snuggling

This cozy, pouch-type baby carrier is made by looping and tying a long piece of stretchy jersey fabric around your body. It lets you snuggle and hold your baby hands-free on your chest or on your hip (both positions facing inward). The Moby is especially great for newborns and caregivers of all shapes and sizes, since the wrap molds around you.

Ultimate Jogging Stroller

If you love to run, this is the jogging stroller for you. The adjustable handle has nine different positions that accommodate short and tall parents alike, making everyone happy. The stroller is a dream to steer since it never veers to one side like others can, and the full suspension system ensures a smooth ride for your tot, no matter how jarring your stride.

Fastest Way to Swaddle

Origami experts might find swaddling from scratch no biggie, but infant wraps work best for everyone else. Slip your baby into one of these cotton pouches, wrap and secure the wings around your little one and—ta-da!—you have a snug, womb-like cocoon (no endless replays of step-by-step videos needed).

Soft-Glow Soother

No more frantically patting around for your baby’s lost binky in the middle of the night: this glow-in-the-dark pacifier makes it easy to find your baby’s favorite way to self-soothe and quickly get back to sleep. It’s made of soft silicone in a shape designed for healthy oral development. And, if it gets dirty, pop it in the included case for a three-minute session in the microwave to sterilize it.

Classic Carrier

There’s a reason this carrier has been a favorite of on-the-go parents for the last five decades: It’s the easiest way to keep your wee one close. The structured BabyBjorn carrier is a breeze to get on by yourself and lets you position your infant face you or face out. Designed for small babies, the carrier doesn’t need an infant insert but can only be used until your baby is six months old.

10 Pack of WaterWipes

Less is more when it comes to baby skincare. WaterWipes contain only purified water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract, which makes them ultra gentle on delicate baby skin. Try them out for yourself in this month’s box.

All-Stages Carrier

Want to keep your child close and snuggly for as long as possible? The Tula Free-to-Grow carrier can be used from day one through toddlerhood without needing an infant insert. Choose from front or back carry positions and set out on daily outings—padded shoulder straps and a thick, padded waistband make carrying your kiddo comfortable no matter how long your adventure.

The Sound-Sleep Machine

No one want to have to tiptoe around a sleeping baby. Even worse? When your baby accidentally wakes up because of a loud noise (hello: doorbell, honking car and loud siblings). But the rushing air sound of the Dohm machine masks household noises and can even help your child settle into sleep, without the chill of a fan. That’s because the white noise makes babies feel like they’re back in the womb, where the sound of rushing blood was a constant.

Baby’s Favorite Hangout

Talk about bang for your buck: This 3-in-1 learning center can be used as a playmat for infants, a seated activity center for bigger babies and as an S-shaped play table for walking tots. The Exersaucer adjusts to three different heights to accommodate growing kids and later, folds flat for storage. And if your little one becomes too attached to it, some of the 11 toys are removable so you can take them wherever you go.

For Major Diaper Rash

This super-thick cream is not messing around—the 40% zinc formula coats and protects your baby’s sensitive skin for up to 12 hours. No wetness means less irritation and more time to heal. Parents use this paraben- and phthalate-free ointment to both prevent and treat diaper rash.

Efficient Pump-and-Store System

Most breast pumps come with a couple of bottles for milk collection. After pumping, you transfer the milk from the bottles to storage pouches and there’s often spillage in the process. With this do-it-all starter kit, every drop of milk is saved and you have fewer bottles to clean (win, win!). The pouches attach directly to your pump. Once you’re done pumping, twist a cap on the pouch and store it in the included organizer in your fridge. When it’s time for your baby’s next meal, warm up the pouch and attach it to the bottles the kit comes with—no transferring needed.

Free-to-Be Swaddle

By now you’ve probably heard about how swaddling—wrapping fabric burrito-style around your baby—can help calm your child and lead to longer, deeper sleep. But not all babies love having their arms pinned to their sides. For infants who refuse to sleep with their arms anywhere other than up by their heads, this Love to Dream wearable blanket is ideal. The stretchy cotton creates a snug, womb-like environment, but with more flexibility to move than traditional swaddles. And the two-way zipper lets you open just the bottom portion for nighttime diaper changes.

No-Stress Safety

Welcome to parenthood: where you worry about your child’s safety all. the. time. The Nuna PIPA car seat helps ease concerns with an indicator that shines a green light when the seat is correctly installed, and a leg that folds down to the floor to provide extra stability and absorb impact during an accident. It’s also designed to be used wherever you go—it’s lightweight and can be strapped into any vehicle with a seat belt, no base needed.

Leak-Proof Sippy Cup

Tots don’t care about flinging cups around or even tossing them on the floor. When they’re just learning how to drink from a cup, well, spills happen. But nothing gets past the silicone lid of the Munchkin Miracle cup. Your little one can sip from anywhere along the cup’s rim—just like a real glass—but the top lid seals shut as soon as your child stops drinking. The cup is easy for kids to grip, dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

For Tired Parents

The Baby Shusher is the secret weapon every exhausted parent has been waiting for. It’s a recording of a parent’s soothing shushing sounds (shh-shh) and works like magic to calm babies and help them drift off to sleep. It has a timer and is small and portable, which makes it great for taking with you wherever your little one needs help nodding off.

Like a Second Set of Arms

To an infant, there’s no better place than snuggling in your arms. But when your arms need a break, the Snuggle Me Lounger is a good substitute. A slightly sunken middle surrounded by a bumper pillow mimics the sensation of being held. When your baby is bigger, you can use the lounger for tummy time or to help transition to the crib too. The lounger has a removable, machine-washable cover and comes with a travel case.

A Convertible Stroller

One and done has never been truer than with this stroller that adapts to your growing child. For infants, you can click a Graco infant car seat directly onto the lightweight stroller frame or use the included seat in the fully reclined, bassinet position. Later, adjust the seat to one of four upright positions. Babies four to 35 pounds can fit in the car seat, while the stroller works for kids up to 50 pounds.

Beyond the Swaddle

This puffy bodysuit is the answer for babies who have busted out of their swaddle—or maybe never liked it in the first place—but still need more coziness than your average pajamas can give. Parents sing its praises for helping their wee ones fall asleep faster and sleep longer. The secret? The jersey-cotton suit filled with stuffing prevents babies from startling themselves awake by muffling their twitchy movements. Plus, it’s basically like sleeping inside a pillow, but safely.

The Best Seat in the House

It takes muscle to maintain a seated posture, and that’s something babies build up with practice. Children who can’t sit up on their own get extra support from the Bumbo, where they can play with toys and hang out. It’s light enough to move from room to room and can be wiped clean.

The Rolls Royce of Bassinets

This bassinet comes with major bells and whistles, all designed to increase your baby’s sleep time. If your baby starts to fuss, the bassinet automatically kicks into Mary Poppins mode to quickly lull your baby back to sleep with a rocking motion and white noise. It also comes with three swaddles that attach to the sides of the bassinet so your wee one won’t be able to roll over (since the only safe sleep position for infants is on their back). The SNOO app tracks your baby’s sleep and lets you make you adjustments to the bassinet’s motion, sound and automatic response level. It’s not cheap, but parents love it.

On-the-Go Entertainment

This padded seat lets your little one sit up and take the world in from a different view, which can be all the entertaining young babies need. Two detachable toys offer additional focus points to keep your child happily engaged while you do other things like respond to emails, sift through paper work or catch up with a friend. The folding seat is easy to tote around and the seat pad is machine washable.

For City Kids

The City Mini’s slim profile makes it perfect for downtown living. It passes through doorways with ease, isn’t a sidewalk hog and can be quickly maneuvered through crowds. At only 17 pounds and with a one-handed, compact fold, the stroller is a cinch to collapse and stuff into a small trunk or carry up stairs. Using public transportation a lot? Consider the City Tour stroller—a featherweight at only 14 pounds—that can be folded into a backpack. For families with multiple kids (or future plans), Baby Jogger’s City Select stroller may be the better choice. It can adapt to fit up to three children, although it’s bulkier than the other Baby Jogger strollers.

Fully Loaded Swing

This is no one-trick pony: The Duet Swing can sway side-to-side and front-to-back at six different speeds. Baby isn’t in the mood to swing? No problem. Detach the seat from the swing stand and it becomes a bouncy seat that jiggles when your little one moves. It also has two vibration settings, music and nature sounds, and a mobile with soft toys to keep things interesting.

Go-Anywhere Crib

This lightweight travel crib makes it easy to put your baby to sleep while away from home. Take it with you to grandma’s house, over to the sitter or with you on vacation to create a safe play space or sleep zone. It’s made of all-mesh—so you and your little one can see each other—and zips down on one side so you can cuddle together before you child dozes off. The soft, foam mattress is safe for babies to sleep on, and the crib can be set up in seconds and quickly folded into its backpack carrier.

Soft and Soothing Wipes

These cloth-like wipes are a parent favorite for being gentle on delicate baby skin. They’re fragrance-free and contain conditioners that help maintain the skin’s normal Ph level, which protects it against germs and allergens. Another good option is Pampers’ hypoallergenic Aqua Pure Wipes, made with premium cotton, purified water and the tiniest amount of cleansing agents.

The Innovative Co-Sleeper

Sometimes the secret to a good night’s sleep with a newborn is keeping them close by. The BassiNest is a good way to co-sleep. This 360-degree swiveling bassinet from Halo can be pulled right up to the side of the bed—even over the mattress—making it easy to peek at your baby through the breathable mesh sides (the weight of your arms actually pushes them down when it’s time to scoop up your new roomie for feeding or changing). This sleeper is on the pricier side, but many new moms couldn’t imagine the newborn stage without it.

No More Sticky Fingers

Diaper cream is formulated to create a barrier between your baby’s skin and diaper, effectively sealing out moisture. So, it’s no surprise that when you use your fingers to spread it on, it’s hard to rinse off. But with this silicone spatula, you can apply thick cream evenly without getting messy. And it’s more hygienic than dipping your fingers into a tub of cream.

Most Natural Nipple

These bottles are designed to mimic the shape of a breast with a wide base and ridged nipple made from skin-like silicone. Most babies have no trouble latching onto this bottle. In fact, Tommee Tippee guarantees your little one will start sucking right away. And because it’s most like nursing, there’s less chance of nipple confusion for babies who switch back and forth between the breast and bottle.

Safe Travels

There are enough things to worry about when you’re traveling with your little one—safety shouldn’t have to be one of them. With three layers of side-impact protection, a clear indicator to ensure proper installation and a weight range from 5-65 lbs, this seat is a favorite when it comes to convertible car seats. It’s also virtually foolproof to install, thanks to Britax’s ClickTight technology that uses either clip-style LATCH anchors or the simple click of your seatbelt. There’s also an indicator that makes a clicking sound when the no-rethread harness is tight enough around your baby, giving you peace of mind that your little one is safe and secure. The Advocate can be used from 5-40 lbs in the rear-facing position and from 20-65 lbs in the forward facing position.

Pumping on the Go

Award-winning and bestselling (and for good reason), this lightweight, portable manual pump is made from 100% high-quality food-grade silicone, making it soft, comfy and even dishwasher safe. The design is like nothing else on the market: simply suction it to your breast and let the pump do the work. It utilizes suction to draw your milk, making it ideal for catching a few extra ounces from letdown or anytime you’re feeling engorged. And because of its small size, it’s easy to toss in your diaper bag, purse or wherever else you need it to easily and quietly express on the go.

For Portable Playtime

Playards are a great product that do double duty—they’re a place for baby to play and a portable crib. Perfect for traveling to grandparents or taking to a regular caregiver, this Graco playard is four inches shorter and four pounds lighter than other Pack ‘n Plays, so it’s that much easier to tote around. It’s also handy to have around the house for secured playtime in the living room or as a bassinet in your room. (Watch this video for how to set up a Graco Pack ‘n Play.)

A Comfy Carrier

Here’s the secret to getting things done when you have a baby: a snuggle-ready carrier that you don’t mind wearing for hours. The Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier is popular with parents for its padded shoulder straps and thick, wrap-around waistband with lower-back cushioning. The carrier can be worn four different ways—on the hip, the back, or front facing in or out—and keeps your little one’s legs at a hip-healthy angle no matter what position you choose. Use this from day one (no infant insert required) all the way into toddlerhood.

No Cover Necessary

Forget changing pad covers (who needs more laundry?). The Keekaroo is made from baby-safe material that’s soft, cushy and easily wipes clean. The waterproof outer shell is also bacteria resistant, and it won’t slip and slide on top of a dresser you’ve turned into a changing table. In a nutshell: it’s the perfect landing spot for getting littles ones fresh and clean.

The Easy Way to Swaddle

You no longer need a master’s degree in swaddling to help your baby feel safe, serene and ready to sleep. With the Halo SleepSack Swaddle, wrapping your little one up like a burrito is as easy as zipping up the sack and fastening the fabric “wings” around your baby. The sack unzips from the bottom up for quick, middle-of-the-night changes. (Watch this video for how to use the Halo SleepSack Swaddle.)

The Popular Pump

When you see a woman on-the-go with this tell-tale black tote, you know she’s part of the sisterhood of the traveling pump. The Medela Pump in Style is a top pick, especially among working moms. Everything is self contained in the bag for easy set up and storage. It comes with a battery pack or can be plugged into an outlet. Heads up: the motor is a bit loud, so be sure to hit mute on those multi-tasking conference calls.

Stylish High Chair

As a rule, high chairs aren’t the most attractive. But this streamlined Scandi design is the exception. Built of solid wood, the sturdy seat comes in a variety of wood finishes and modern colors. And, it holds up well over time with seat and foot plates that adjust to fit your growing child well into the school years. Pull this chair right up to the table— no tray necessary—and plan to pass this iconic piece down to the next generation.

A Car Seat Classic

Chicco’s popular KeyFit Car Seat is easy to safely install, with bubble level indicators on both sides and a leveling foot ensures proper installation for all back seats (even uneven ones). It works with babies 4-30 lbs, and the entire cover is machine washable—great for life’s little (or big) messes. Using the seat in multiple cars? Getting an additional base makes things easier.

Clothing Brands

These clothing brands are popular among our Babylist parents too.

Extra Soft (And Extra Cute!)

Made from some of the softest, coziest material around, it’s easy to see why KicKee pants is a favorite brand beloved by celebs and everyday mamas alike. From essentials like footies and pajamas to stroller blankets and the most adorable newborn hats you ever did see, KicKee Pants makes all their baby clothing from a material called viscose, which is sourced from organic bamboo. The result is clothes that are ultra-soft, stretchy, and comfortable for even the littlest babes who love to stretch and wiggle. Each piece of clothing from this modern line is thoughtfully designed to include details like flip-over cuffs, non-skid feet and even extra fleece lining to keep baby extra cozy. And with a huge selection of gorgeous neutrals and on-trend prints, your little one will be comfortable and cute.

Whimsical Nostalgia

Modern cool meets magical whimsy in this beautifully designed clothing line that believes in capturing your little one’s spirit and endless imagination. Made from eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton, each Milkbarn piece is completely original and delightfully imaginative. The enchanting one pieces, rompers, dresses, bib, and more are available in gorgeous, one-of-a-kind patterns like retro florals and sweet animal prints. The natural color palette adds another layer of sweetness to these truly original designs.

Function Meets Style

Started by two moms with five kids between them, Clover is a line of baby and kid clothes that seamlessly transition from sleep to play. These high-quality essentials are made from soft, stretchy fabric that wears well and holds up wash after wash. The bright, vibrant colors and patterns stand out from a lot of other baby clothes on the market (in a good way!), and the idea of saving some time during a busy day with one less baby outfit change is definitely something all mamas can get behind.

Magnet Magic

Tired of fumbling with zippers, snaps and squirmy babies during midnight diaper changes? (Raises hand.) This ingenious brand uses magnetic closures that literally make dressing your little one a breeze. Simply snap the top magnet closed, and the magnets below fall automatically in line; it really is that easy (and also really fun!). And if you need even more to love, the bright, colorful prints and patterns are whimsical and fun for both you and baby.

Function Meets Style

Carter’s has been a go-to for decades, and for good reason. With a huge selection of everything from the classic white bodysuit to themed PJs for almost every holiday, there’s something for every baby, toddler and big kid from this iconic brand—and all at insanely affordable prices. We especially love their neutrals collection, perfect for any parent who’s waiting until birth to find out their little one’s sex, as well as their little baby basics, sleep and play bodysuits and extra-comfy leggings in a rainbow of prints and patterns.

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