Editors' Picks: What We're Wrapping
Editors' Picks: What We're Wrapping
November 29, 2017

Editors' Picks: What We're Wrapping

Editors' Picks: What We're Wrapping.
Editors' Picks: What We're Wrapping

‘Tis the season for sharing the love with the new parents, family and friends in your life. Check out what we’re wrapping at Babylist for the holidays this year, including gifts that destress and sentimental presents that are sure to live on forever.

For the Budding Inventor

This subscription box includes 2-3 absolutely adorable, kid-friendly crafts with step by step directions. My son has been getting the box for almost a full year now and every month has been a joy to do with him. My 12-year-old daughter likes to help him too! For ages 3-4 years old (and for older loving siblings of course!). - Angela, Our Happiness Hero and Babylist Scout

Kiwi Co’s Koala Crate


Netflix and Winc

New parents, experienced parents, or really, any adult who needs to destress: Nothing goes better together than movies and wine. We recommend getting a 6 month subscription to Netflix. Sit down, relax and enjoy (binge watch) Stranger Things.

Winc Gift Card


The Smart Cup

How many times have you poured yourself a hot cup of coffee and just before you sit down to enjoy it, your toddler pees on the rug or your newborn has a blowout? You get back to your coffee and it’s cold. Ember lets you pick the temperature you prefer for your drink and it keeps it there, no matter how long it takes you to clean up all the soap leaking from the washing machine. It’s the perfect gift for every parent you know. Trust me!

Ember Ceramic Mug


For a Restless Toddler

Every time we say, “What do you want Santa to bring?” my two-year old says, “Purple drums.” So she’s getting a DIY Bongo Kit, and we’ll see how it goes. - Rebekah, Editor in Chief

Kid Made Modern Bongo Kit


For New Moms or Grandmas

Tiny Tags are personalized necklaces for moms. With a range of metals, designs and customization options, they’re pretty precious. And they’re handmade in Massachusetts. Their pendant style is a classic, but they also have a bar design for a more modern look.

Tiny Tags


For an Expectant Mama

You could survive your third trimester in just the Storq Maternity Basics Bundle with some extra cardigans to throw on top. This is a great gift for a pregnant friend!

Storq Bundle


Self Care for the New Mom

Make the most of those precious minutes in the shower with this body wash and lotion. They smell delicious (think Hawaiian vacation), plus they come in a super-cute millennial-pink packaging. - Karen, Managing Editor

Glossier Body Hero Duo


For the Kiddo Who Loves to Cuddle

These adorable, hand-knit stuffed animals are so snuggly. They come in two sizes—little is 13 inches; regular is 20—for babies and bigger kids alike. And best of all, they’re ethically produced, and 10 meals are donated to children in need with each purchase, so you can feel good about your gifting.

Cuddle + Kind Sadie the Fox


For the Culinary Family

Help them make dinner time a little easier. Get recipes and all the ingredients (most of which are organic and sustainable) needed to whip up meals like salmon with greens, lemon-dill yogurt and herbed rice or Thai tofu panang curry with jasmine rice in under an hour. Paleo, gluten free, vegetarian and family plans are also available.

Sun Basket Gift Card


To Make Better Humans

Get a monthly subscription for the littles in your life that creates a social impact and lasting impression. The Little Feminist also comes with fun activities for the whole family to enjoy! - Carly, Content Coordinator

Little Feminist Book Subscription


To Counter Sleepless Nights

For the coffee lovers in your life! (And exhausted parents everywhere…). This coffee grinder is highly rated and perfect for espresso drinks. For a budget-friendly version check out the Shanik Grinder.

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder


For A Fresh Face

Fresh has some of the best natural skincare that smells yummy enough to eat! Great for sensitive skin and evening out complexion. Definitely a best friend gift (for mama too!).

Beauty Bundle


A Heartwarming Gift

Snap a pic of your baby’s heartbeat from your latest sonogram and UnderHerCharm’s Etsy shop will create a custom heartbeat necklace in gold, 14k gold filled, sterling silver or rose gold. - Cathleya, Senior Content Markieting Manager

Custom Heartbeat Necklace


For the Little Reader

These tactile books have raised buttons that “pop” on every page to help kids learn how to count without losing count.

Poke-A-Dot Monkey & Farm Book Set


From Baby Bumps to Baby Books

Create photo books by just favoriting images on your phone. Once you’ve favorited 60, the Chatbooks app alerts you to review your photos, and, when approved, a photo book is delivered to your doorstep. It’s the perfect gift for long-distance (or non-techy) grandparents.



Don’t Forget Dad

A monthly box of goodies for guys. My husband looks forward to his shipment every month! - Lisa, Video Content Manager

BeSpoke Post


For the Whole Fam

‘Tis the season to be matchy. Pajamas for mom, dad, baby and perhaps a beloved family pet in more than 30 fun styles and prints. Can you say, family photo opps?

Matching Family PJ’s


All the Smells

If you’re a “smellies” person, these candles will blow your mind. The hand sanitizers also smell delish. Great deals frequently too!

Bath & Body Candles and Hand Sanitizers

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