Babylist Staffers' Holiday Wishlists
Babylist Staffers' Holiday Wishlists
October 25, 2020

Babylist Staffers' Holiday Wishlists

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Babylist Staffers' Holiday Wishlists.
Babylist Staffers' Holiday Wishlists

It’s that time of year again, and just like you, the hard-working, fun-loving, baby-adoring team at Babylist is gearing up for the holiday season—and that means wishlists. We asked around to see what’s on everyone’s list this year, from treasures for the kids to indulgences for ourselves. We hope it helps you, dear user, get to know us better (and maybe inspire your own holiday wishlist a little, too)!

Porscha, Happiness Hero and Registry Consultant:

One word: Peloton 🤣

For Bella (2): the stained glass-looking magnatiles to go with her regular ones, and probably some more Lego Duplo. We also got her Moana and Tiana dolls. Definitely trying to get everything done earlier this year.

Karen, Executive Editor:

For me: A gift subscription to Book of the Month Club. A gift of this from a book-loving friend recently ran out, and I really miss the monthly ritual of deciding each month if I wanted to use a credit, as well as the brand-new books to read!

For a tween: A subscription to Pura Vida monthly bracelet club. It’s a cute collection of artisan-made, beach-inspired bracelets delivered to them each month. Pura Vida also make special bracelets to help raise awareness and donate proceeds to causes like mental health, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s awareness. We’re also doing a room redo, going from little kid room to something more grownup 😭 Her current dresser is a hand-me-down and the drawers are impossible to open and close easily. This Delta Children’s dresser is modern and sleek (we’ll donate the removable changing topper!), will go with her new decor and make it easy for her to put away all of her clothes (I can hope anyway…)

For my husband: Someday, we will camp again, and when we do, I’d love to have us bring our food and bevies in this amazing cooler he’s always coveted. He also likes to fish, so he could use it for the catch he brings home.

Dawn, Happiness Hero and Registry Consultant:

Saylour (9): room makeover (new bedding, wallpaper, new rug, etc.) and the Gabb phone.

Luca (7): fencing lessons, kids fitbit, b-ball hoop.

Bode (4): skateboard, minecraft legos, bean bag.

Thinking about a big air hockey/foosball table for the garage as one big gift for the three kiddos and my husband :)

My kids love getting magazine subscriptions: National Geographic, Sports Illustrated for kids, etc.

Amylia, Editorial Assistant:

For me: Tempo Studio for all my weighlifting needs 💪

For Joseph (3): Potty training timer watch, since he’s finally getting the hang of using the potty all on his own; Puking Gudetama Stress Ball, because it’s weird and kinda gross; and some favorite movies from my childhood that I can share with him.

For my spouse: The new Hatch Restore light/sound machine, since my husband prefers to sleep with a soft light (and I prefer to sleep with nature sounds…so this one is a little bit for me too!), and of course a PlayStation 5 for my gamer guy!

Angela, Lead Happiness Hero and Registry Consultant:

I want a keyboard so I can start taking piano lessons. And now that our family is complete, I really want a Tiny Tags circle with my kids nicknames: Banana, Bubba, Bug and Bebe.

Our kids have so many toys, they don’t need more. I’m actually on the hunt for other “not more stuff” ideas and Covid is making it hard!

Brian, Senior Data Engineer:

When I was eight years old, our neighbor’s house burned down on Christmas Day (the family were unhurt, luckily), so my sister and I gave their kids our gifts. That still stands out as my favorite Christmas.

Which is a roundabout way of saying, maybe give the gift of giving these holidays and donate some of those toys with your kids? Make an event out of it. Our kids love it, it helps the community and it reduces clutter around the house. Win win win!

Lisa, Video Content Manager:

I’m probably gonna need to buy another SICK NEW CAMPER MUG 😂 I can’t go back to rewarming coffee. I just can’t!

We also just found out that Nintendo re-released Mario 64, Mario Galaxy & Mario Sunshine for the Switch soooooo…that’s on the whole family’s list!

Ivan, Software Engineer:

🎲 Can never have enough board games! 😅

Amber, Happiness Hero:

So, on my wish/gift list is an 8 pound bucket of Plaster of Paris for my husband. We recently got some not so great news about my father-in-law, and hubs wants a huge thing of Plaster of Paris so we can make a few hand pieces that my husband wants to make. (Mainly so he can have a Lion King-esque big paw/little paw moment when he misses his dad.)

Maddie, Branded Content Editor:

I’ve been getting back into an art practice while we’ve been in quarantine (it’s been a solid way to get some alone time). So a lot of my wish list items lean that direction!

  • Jenny Lemons virtual art classes
  • A new polaroid camera because they brought Polaroid originals back!
  • Punch needle kit so I can make all of the beautiful pillows I can’t afford from Jungalow

We just moved into a home with two floors, so I need a bedside carafe when I get thirsty and am too lazy to go downstairs. This is literally the most beautiful set I’ve ever seen, so let’s pretend money is no object.

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