Nursery Reveal: Parisian Flair for a Baby Girl
Nursery Reveal: Parisian Flair for a Baby Girl
June 5, 2017

Nursery Reveal: Parisian Flair for a Baby Girl

Nursery Reveal: Parisian Flair for a Baby Girl.
Nursery Reveal: Parisian Flair for a Baby Girl

When Babylist users Tia and Chase Smith were expecting their second baby, they looked to RH Baby & Child to bring their dream nursery to life for their baby girl, Gemma.

They’d loved the brand since they worked with them to design the nursery for Eli, their two-year old. Tia worked with the RH Baby & Child gallery in Houston who sent a designer to their house for an in-home design consultation. The designer arrived with tools to measure the space, catalogs, and swatches to plan Gemma’s future nursery. Restoration Hardware offers complimentary interior design service for RH Members. (There’s an annual $100 fee to become a member, but you receive 25% off everything you buy, plus an additional 10% -20% off all sale items.) The interior design service is available at every RH, RH Baby & Child and RH TEEN gallery.



The designers suggested an ideal layout, and a color palette for everything from the finish of the furniture to the paint, rug and upholstery.

Here’s a secret peak at the design plan that they presented to Tia and Chase:




The Belle Crib, Trumeau Mirror and Palais Chandelier channel antique French style into Gemma’s nursery. (And the crib converts into an elegant toddler bed, too!)

After a tea party with the lovely porcelain set, this kid-friendly wardrobe makes dress up – or just getting dressed – easy and fun.

As they are eagerly awaiting baby Gemma, Tia, Chase and Eli (the big-brother-to-be) told us, “We are just loving the nursery! It’s really been a dream come true.”


In this picture: Belle Upholstered Crib, Trumeau Mirror, Wingback Glider, Palais Chandelier, Classic Task Floor Lamp, Parisian Side Table


In this picture: Belle Upholstered Crib, Trumeau Mirror, Ogee Toddler Quilt


In this picture: Marais Bookcase, Rutherford Storage Baskets, Porcelain Tea Set, Bunny Bookends, Shaggy Plush Bunnies, Antique Pewter Wood Frames, Pewter Wall Crown


In this picture: Porcelain Tea Set, Trellis Jewelry Box, Bunny Bookends


In this picture: Marais Dresser & Topper Set, Ballet Barre Illustations Pointe Shoes

Updated RH Image

In this picture: Pewter Wall Crown, Antique Pewter Wood Frames, Marais Bookcase


In this picture: Mini Wardrobe Rack, Ballet Barre Illustrations, Scalloped-Edge Nesting Boxes


All photography from Houston newborn photographer Domus Aurea Portraits.

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