Smart Baby Products to Make Parenting Easier
Smart Baby Products to Make Parenting Easier
June 3, 2019

Smart Baby Products to Make Parenting Easier

Smart Baby Products to Make Parenting Easier.
Smart Baby Products to Make Parenting Easier

Raising babies is nothing new. But the latest technology is. It can help you manage family life and keep your child safer. Whether it’s peace of mind that baby is sleeping soundly or automatically warming a bottle, smart technology can help ease the workload. Even baby swings and car seats can communicate with you through your smartphone.

So here are some of the latest gadgets that can give you more time and energy to enjoy precious moments as a family.

Give yourself peace of mind by slipping the Owlet Smart Sock on those baby feet. This high-tech monitor tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep, and you’ll receive direct notifications to your phone or the base station if any levels fall out of the preset ranges. So say goodbye to worrisome nights and hello to more sleep for all.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor


Say goodbye to holding a squirmy kid or waking a little one up to take their temperature. This smartphone-compatible thermometer grabs an accurate digital temp in one second. The info updates to a supportive app that helps ease the stress of a sick kiddo. It also offers personalized guidance for soothing symptoms—and helps you decide when to call the doctor.

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer


Keeping your child safe is a number one priority for parents. This SensorSafe infant car seat makes that easier. Not only is the car seat rollover-tested, it chimes an alarm if your child unfastens the chest clip while the car is in motion. At the end of your trip, you’ll be reminded that your baby—possibly sleeping—is buckled in back. Consider this a travel partner that helps keep your precious cargo safe.

Evenflo Advanced SensorSafe LiteMax Infant Car Seat


There’s a lot to keep track of as a parent, from feedings to changes to naps. That’s where this silicone smart sleeve for bottles comes in handy. No matter who is taking care of the babe, it’ll track the amount, temperature and duration of each feeding. With real-time updates via the app, you’ll be notified of when the next feeding is, too, so it’s ready when baby is.

Bluesmart Mia Smart Baby Feeding System


This super-secure convertible car seat connects with your smartphone and is works for kids up to 65 lbs. You’ll receive updates, like if your child has unbuckled the chest clip or is still in the vehicle. You’ll also get time-to-stretch suggestions on long road trips, and temperature alerts if it’s too cool or warm.

Cybex Sirona M Sensorsafe Convertible Car Seat


Set the stage for the soundest sleep with this all-in-one night light and sound machine. Dim the lights or tune the ocean sounds right from your phone, and set up a family schedule for auto settings. As baby grows, the time-to-rise alert allows you a few extra zzzz’s before they get up.

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light & Sound Machine


Feel confident that your baby is getting the best nutrients. This warmer—which you can control from your phone—warms formula, breastmilk and baby food quickly but at safe temperatures. You’ll be alerted when the bottle is ready, eliminating extra trips to the kitchen. The best part: the warmer is a universal fit for all bottles and shapes.

Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer


Invite a personal assistant right into your home. While not created specifically for parenting, it sure eases the workload. Ask Google Home to play a soothing lullaby for baby. Be reminded when your baby’s next checkup is, or have the nursery lights dimmed before you go in to put baby down. When your hands are full, make phone calls or ask questions like “What should a baby’s temperature be?”

Google Home


This high-performance sensor chip attaches to a diaper or clothing and monitors your baby’s breathing, sleeping position and temperature. You’ll be altered if baby rolls over and if any levels fall out of range. Coming in below $90, the Sense-U model is a budget-friendly alternative to other sleep sensors on the market.

Sense-U Baby Breathing & Rollover Movement Monitor


Let baby watch the world in comfort while you prepare dinner or clean the kitchen. Control the high-tech swing’s motion, speed and volume all from your phone. You can even connect the swing to any MP3 player to soothe baby with their (or your) favorite tunes.

4moms mamaRoo4 Baby Swing


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