Baby Products Second-Time Parents Love
9 Products Second-Time Parents Wish They Had the First Time
November 6, 2017

9 Products Second-Time Parents Wish They Had the First Time

9 Products Second-Time Parents Wish They Had the First Time.
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These are the game-changing products second-time parents found that really work.9 Products Second-Time Parents Wish They Had the First Time

Once in a while, we could all use a do-over. While you can’t fully predict what your baby’s preferences will be, there are some things you’ll feel better about having on hand when they arrive.

A baby carrier? Of course! But which one? Many parents initially registered for what they thought they’d need, only to look back and realize they preferred something else entirely after months (or years) of experience.

Luckily, we get to learn from their mistakes: Here are a few game-changing baby products parents turned to after gaining precious experience with what really worked—and what didn’t—for their babies.

A Super-Portable Spot to Lounge and Play

A cult favorite many first-time parents seem to only find out about after baby’s born (or by the time they’re expecting #2), the DockATot is great for giving baby a cushy spot to hang out in that’s easy to move from room to room. It’s especially great if you have hardwood or tile floors. Brooke M. says, “I wish I had one of these when my first was a baby. It’s super breathable and easy to clean as well.”

An Easy On/Easy Off Wrap

Picture it: you’re headed to the store, it’s 20 degrees outside and you want to put your newborn in a carrier so you can shop with both hands free. Tying a wrap in the parking lot (with your jacket off, no less)? No thanks. This one is easy to slip baby into without wrapping tons of fabric around you.

A Unisex Backpack Diaper Bag

While a traditional shoulder-bag diaper bag may seem more like your style, the functionality of a backpack diaper bag really can’t be beat. Choosing a solid, neutral color makes it easy for any parent or caregiver to grab it and head out the door feeling confident they don’t look like they just stole someone else’s oversized purse. Kala H. says, “I went from a traditional diaper bag with a fair amount of pockets to this thing. Best decision ever! A backpack diaper bag is genius because you have both hands free.”

A Monitor That Helps You Catch a Few Extra Zzzs

This baby monitor detects both sound and movement, giving you an extra layer of confidence that your baby’s sleeping peacefully. Audio monitoring with an alarm that goes off if movement stops means parents can sleep without having to wake up constantly checking for movement on a traditional video monitor. Keke says, “I absolutely loved this monitor. I wish I would have bought this one with my first two kids rather than a video monitor.”

An Option to Leave the House with Just the Necessities

Sure, it’s good to be prepared for any situation that may come up when you’re leaving the house with baby. But for those times when you won’t be gone long, you can just stick to the basics. In fact, most parents soon find out you can get away with a couple diapers, wipes and a clean spot to change baby. This stylish clutch gives you just that.

A Lifesaver for When Baby (Inevitably) Gets Sick

The thought of sucking your baby’s snot (yes, with your mouth) might seem daunting (err, downright horrifying). But once your baby comes down with their first bug, you’ll realize just how easy it is to relieve their nasal congestion with a few simple sucks (and no, you won’t get snot in your mouth). Crystal says, “It’s easy to assemble, gentle on baby’s nose and easy to clean. It got me through a two-week cold with a 3 month old.”

An Easier Way to Collect Pumped Milk

Any mom who’s had to squirrel away to a dark corner to spend time hunched over pumping breast milk will have wished there was an easier way to get it done. These milk collection cups slip right in your regular bra and hook up to many compatible breast pumps so you can keep your clothes on, pump hands free and get on with your day. Vanessa C. says, “My friend recommended the Freemie Cups after she used them with her two children with a Medela pump. I have a Medela pump, as well, and love the compatible cups! It is super easy to use, and I can pump in front of people and not look like a cow.”

Bibs That Cover Way More than Just Their Chest

Bibs are a registry staple, but once baby starts feeding themselves, it becomes pretty obvious that if you’re not interested in changing their clothes after every meal, a smock-style bib (or three) will be the key to sparing you from loads of laundry. Yaya says, “This by far has been one of the best investments when it comes to meal time with my twins. These bibs cover their arms and clothing from the food that drops from their hands or mouth or that my children purposely drop. I am no longer spot treating or changing my children’s clothing after meals due to food stains or spills.“

Complete and Utter Darkness

Sleep. Precious, precious sleep. It’s practically all a new parent can think about…and any way we can get a few more moments of it are key. Room darkening isn’t a necessity for every baby, but for parents who are at their wits end trying to get their infant to sleep better or longer, they’re often touted as an easy answer. Catelynn C. says, “We thought we could get away with the light-filtering shades we already had in the nursery, but after a few way-too-early-morning wake-ups we decided to try temporarily putting up black garbage bags over the windows…and baby slept at least a few hours longer. Promptly ordered and put these blackout curtains up after that. Those few extra hours of sleep are a total sanity saver for all of us!”

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