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Sarah Wright Olsen Sample Baby Registry
Updated on
August 5, 2022

Sarah Wright Olsen Sample Baby Registry

By Babylist Team
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Sarah Wright Olsen Sample Baby Registry.
Sarah Wright Olsen Sample Baby Registry

Sarah Wright Olsen is a mom of three, an actor, author and the co-founder of Your Zen Mama. She’s also the co-owner of Bāeo, an organic plant-based skincare line for the whole family.

Here are some of her favorite products that she uses with her little ones (and herself).

This gift set includes Bāeo’s five organic bare essentials that the whole family can use! From your baby’s first bath to the lip balm you use in postpartum care to a booty balm for baby, this plant-based organic range was made by mamas for your whole family to enjoy.

I have used carriers from many companies over the years. I love how comfortable my baby and I feel in this carrier. The design adjusts as my body adjusts in postpartum. I love the fabrics they use and how snug and secure my baby feels. Wearing your baby has so many benefits for you and your little one but one of my favorite perks is that you are hands-free while your little love is snuggled into your chest.

I have used this car seat for both my girls, and it is by far the easiest one I have ever had to install and feels the most secure and safe. I love how the base adjusts and how adaptable the car seat is to other strollers.

This is such a sweet brand created by a mama, and her products are so beautifully made. The bodysuits and heart pants are my favorite, and the organic cotton is soft and so well made. This is a brand I have passed down from baby to baby.

One of our best sellers and most-loved products. I used our bare butter on my belly every day when I was pregnant. I use it to take off my makeup and for moisture when I go to bed. I use bare butter on my baby and kids after bath too. It’s a plant-based organic moisturizer rich in avocado and olive oil with hints of chamomile geranium and lemon.

My kids LOVE this cruiser! It grows with your little ones and is just a fun way to get around!

I love this bassinet so much. My daughter Winter took so many naps in here and because it’s so light and easy to move, this was the best and safest place for me to put her down while I was in the shower. The rocker base was so nice because as she got a little bigger and would kick her feet she would rock herself to sleep.

My kids love the Lalo play table and when I heard the high chair converts to a chair for the play table, it was a no-brainer for me. Not to mention the design is gorgeous!

I love this brand so much. The clothes are all earth tones and beautifully made. Perfect for gifting and another well-made line that hands down from baby to baby.

My dear friend Teresa and I wrote this book as a guide for everything from the moment you are first thinking about having a baby to getting pregnant,to the weeks and months of pregnancy, postpartum, the first year and beyond. Our book shares our personal stories including stories and advice from our mentors and friends.

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