Baby Registry Items for the Fitness Conscious Mama
Baby Registry Items for the Fitness Conscious Mama
December 17, 2019

Baby Registry Items for the Fitness Conscious Mama

Baby Registry Items for the Fitness Conscious Mama.
Baby Registry Items for the Fitness Conscious Mama

Working out while pregnant or getting back to an active lifestyle postpartum can be tough. FIT4MOM is a program that helps with just that: their pre and postnatal programs provide health, wellness and fitness programs for every stage of motherhood. Rachel McHale, FIT4BABY specialist with the FIT4MOM fitness team, has plenty of great suggestions for your baby registry if you’re looking to stay active and in shape.

I recommend this program to all expecting mamas! During pregnancy, movement, community and nutrition are important, and this is exactly what this digital prenatal + postpartum wellness program embodies. I can only wish that this program had been created before my first pregnancy 17 years ago. Compiled by a panel of fitness, healthcare and nutrition experts, MamaWell contains 42 weeks of goodness, including online workouts and a full pre- and postnatal nutrition guide.

Maintaining core strength and stability is key to helping women through many of the daily tasks of #momlife. The Core Ball is used to strengthen core muscles while improving strength and posture. A mama’s body goes through many changes, including with her core: abdominal muscles are stretched, and her entire structure shifts thanks to the change in her center of gravity and the pregnancy-induced hormone relaxin. I recommend this ball to all expecting and new mamas to use to maintain and then recondition and strengthen their abdominal muscles—which are so essential for mom life!

I didn’t hear about foam rolling until my third pregnancy. Game changer! I first thought of recommending both a foam roller and a water bottle on this registry, and then it dawned on me—that exists in one item! This is an item I truly love and use daily! A foam roller was a must during my third and fourth pregnancies to relieve daily aches and growing pains, and staying hydrated was one of my top priorities, as proper hydration is essential for a mama and baby’s health. I’m environmentally conscious, so I love that this water bottle is made of earth-friendly stainless steel.

Inflammation was a huge struggle for me during my pregnancies. I love this cold roller ball, as it reduces inflammation and has the healing power of ice. Let’s be real, as moms, who has time for regular prenatal massages? This is the next best thing since it provides relief and you can use it at home. I used the cold roller bar during pregnancy and still use it to recover from a long day on my feet or randomly aching muscles from #momlife.

According to ACOG guidelines, getting exercise postpartum helps strengthen and tone abdominal muscles, boosts energy, may be useful in preventing postpartum depression and promotes better sleep. I feel this was completely true for me: exercise was a huge boost after the births of all four of my children. I first found out about the BOB stroller after attending my first FIT4MOM class with my oldest kiddo. I bought one a few weeks later. Now, they are always my number one recommendation since they are car seat compatible and ideal for various road terrain. I was able to use the car seat adapter when I had an infant (hello nap time!), and I knew it would keep my family active for years. This also comes in a double stroller if you have another kiddo.

Where do I even start with how much I love this? The Ergobaby 360 carrier keeps babies ergonomically seated in all carrying positions (front-outward, front-inward, hip and back carry) while always ensuring they are seated in an ergonomic “M” shape position with knees even to or above their hips, and their spine in a curved “C” position. I bought the infant insert, and it was a game-changer for me to get two hands back to wash dishes, run errands, travel through the airport with ease, go on adventures or even get my workout on at Stroller Strides when my infants would rather be held.

Like mama, like baby! Since I’m a FIT4MOM mama, this adorable rattle was a no-brainer. Aside from making the perfect photo opp, this rattle also makes sound and promotes infant upper limb muscle development and hand-eye coordination since baby can grasp and shake it.

Finding a great waterproof blanket took a little time. This one is amazing! My family and I love this spacious blanket, whether we’re headed to the park or the beach, a Stroller Strides class or we simply want to lay a blankie down at home. It also comes with an insulated cooler bag. It’s easy to clean, lightweight and a must for every parent!

One thing all moms can agree on—comfort is key when it comes to bras postpartum, especially when you’re nursing, yet want to get back into movement. Whether I was heading to yoga, a FIT4MOM class or out for a walk or a jog, this wireless nursing sports bra held my girls in place, made breastfeeding in public manageable and, honestly, was the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

When it comes to pregnancy and postpartum nausea and/or aches and pains, Pink Stork has you covered. My pregnancies with each of my four children varied in the degree of nausea. There were times I definitely needed all the help I could get! These magnesium bath salts helped me so much. They reduce feelings of nausea and vomiting, are soothing and relaxing, boosted my energy levels and improved my sleep quality by relieving aches and pains. This is something I buy all my pregnant mama friends.

Inflammation is real! With my first, it wasn’t much of an issue until postpartum, but my next three pregnancies were another story. When aches and pains hit, these socks were something I couldn’t live without. Within seconds, they chill your entire foot to relieve sore, aching, tired, swollen or hot feet. I was able to constantly get relief from pregnancy and postpartum inflammation/swelling from these cold therapy socks, and I recommend them to all my friends.

Growing a tiny human put a major strain on my body; I felt each and every change. This ergonomically designed knee pillow fits comfortably between your knees, which gives support and comfort at night to help relieve pregnancy or postpartum-related sciatica pain and pressure on the low back. Even after pregnancy, I have this little gem near my bedside for nights my body still can’t get comfortable.

Finding a community of mamas has been life changing for me. I found mine through FIT4MOM. I still keep in touch with mamas I met 16 years ago! Expecting mamas can find a village through FIT4BABY. Once baby arrives, you can check out our stroller-based classes, workouts, playgroups and Moms Nights out. Find a village and connect.

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