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Solly Baby Sample Baby Registry
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Solly Baby Sample Baby Registry

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Solly Baby Sample Baby Registry.
Sarah, the force behind @sollybabywrap on Instagram shares her favorite 'Gram-worthy baby gear.Solly Baby Sample Baby Registry

Sarah is a first time mama-to-be who is one of the faces behind Solly Baby, a popular baby brand based in Carlsbad, CA.

She plays a big part in Solly Baby’s Instagram presence and loves interacting with so many other mamas on that platform, especially as she and her husband are preparing for their baby boy coming early August 2018! She has spent a lot of time researching which baby items are must-haves and which products are not only the most functional, but the most fashionable as well. As she has worked for a company so involved in the baby industry, she has been exposed to a variety of incredible baby brands, and has compiled a list of all her favorites for first time moms like herself who like to shop small.

I’ve had my eye out for the softest swaddles to wrap my baby in, and THESE ARE THEM. They’re made of the same soft, light-weight material as Solly Baby wraps and have so many uses outside of just swaddling your baby.

Solly Baby Swaddles


I’m so in love with Rylee & Cru clothing because of their high quality fabrics and their artistic patterns and designs. This cute shirt in particular is from their Seaside Collection, which I love because it was inspired by the beaches my little boy will soon be playing at!

Rylee & Cru Basic Tee


Rylee & Cru offers such a wide variety of modern clothing designs. They have everything from rompers to swimwear, and I love it all!

Rylee & Cru Dash Romper


So, What Is Babylist?

Babylist is a free, all-in-one baby registry that lets you add any item from any store, as well as things like help, favors and cash funds. Your registry should be as unique as you are. Start your Babylist now.

If you’re a fan of Solly Baby, you HAVE to try these layettes. They’re made out of the same buttery soft fabric as their wraps, I have no doubt that this will be the comfiest thing for my little one to wear.

Solly Baby Layette Set


I’ve heard so many amazing things about Tubby Todd Bath Co., I just want to get my hands on as many of their bath products as I can! I’ve seen so many testimonials proving that their All-Over-Ointment seriously works wonders for babies with sensitive skin, eczema, etc. This skincare gift set includes a full collection of these 100% natural bath products I know my baby & I will love, I feel like this is a must-have!

Tubby Todd Tubby Todd x Babylist -- Baby's First Year Skincare Gift Set - 2022

My husband is especially excited about these Gathre mats! They’re so versatile since they can be used indoors or outdoors and can simply be wiped clean! Can’t wait to use this in our nursery as a playmat, and to sit on while out exploring at the park or the beach!

Gathre mat


This is the diaper bag of all diaper bags. I love that it’s big enough to hold everything I might need while out and about with baby, but still looks super cute & stylish! It feels very high quality, seems like it will last forever, and I love that the interior can be wiped out easily since it’s lined with faux leather!

Fawn Design The Original Diaper Bag - Blush

I’m a huge fan of babywearing and know that the Solly Baby Wrap is the way to go for the first 9-12 months with my baby. These wraps can be used with babies up to 25 lbs. and are made of the SOFTEST stretchy fabric. Solly Baby Wraps are also known for having such light-weight material, which I feel is so important since I’m having a summer baby.

Flax Solly Baby Wrap


You can never have just one, right?! Solly Baby has such a beautiful collection of colors and prints, I look forward to having a lighter and darker option to be able to mix & match with any outfit.

Camel Solly Baby Wrap


I’ve heard that these are the best bottles to get right now, especially for breastfed babies! I love that they help eliminate nipple confusion, prevent colic, and are easy to clean.

Comotomo Natural Feel Silicone Baby Bottles - Green, 5 Oz, 2


What I love most about Lorena Canal’s rugs is that they can be thrown straight into the washing machine! This is such a game changer because I won’t have to be as paranoid about ruining my super cute rug with my baby’s inevitable messes.

Lorena Canals rug


I feel like this bundle gives you all those products you don’t realize you need until you’re in desperate need of them! The snot sucker, the gas passer, the mom washer… this hygiene kit has got you covered in all those icky sticky situations!

FridaBaby Bitty Bundle of Joy


I’ve spent a lot of time researching strollers, and I’m convinced that the Bumbleride Speed is the ideal stroller for a first-time mom who likes to get out and adventure! It’s truly an all-terrain stroller, which means I can use it places as simple as the sidewalk or as sandy as the beach. I really love that this stroller not only exceeds all my expectations in functionality, but looks amazing while doing it!

Bumbleride Speed Stroller


I am so in love with this attachment for the Bumbleride stroller! The cuteness factor is huge with this bassinet, but it’s also super functional for the period of time when your baby is too small to sit in the regular stroller chair. I love that the color & style matches the rest of the stroller perfectly.

Bumbleride Bassinet


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