Sylvie in the Sky Sample Baby Registry
Sylvie in the Sky Sample Baby Registry
January 28, 2018

Sylvie in the Sky Sample Baby Registry

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Sylvie in the Sky Sample Baby Registry

Sylvie is the editor and founder of the lifestyle blog, Sylvie in the Sky, a chronicle of her San Francisco based family life, their beach-side home, and a peek into their westside style. From fashion to food to family travel adventures, Sylvie shares her secrets to the best of California living and dreaming.

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On the Go

Our old snap and go stroller was really cheap and rickety feeling when we would push it down the street. This stroller is awesome because it has air tires a good-sized storage basket and feels more substantial but just as easy to open snap in the car seat and close up and put back in the car.

Nuna MIXX² Stroller - Caviar


Infant car seat can start to feel super heavy especially as your baby girls. I’m obsessed with this car seat because it’s the lightest in the market which makes everything so much easier.

Nuna PIPA Lite LX Infant Car Seat with Base - Caviar


We live by the beach and until we got the stroller we could never bring our strollers to the beach without needing to carry it once we got there. This one rolls on the sand! This trailer is awesome for so many reasons and it’s a must on our list.

BOB Gear Revolution PRO Stroller - Black

I get the most questions about this item. They didn’t have these a few years ago when our first child was born, but it’s one item that I can’t live without now. This cover is so easy to use over your car seat especially when you’re out and about and the baby is super young or if it’s cold or bright or if the baby is sleeping. And did I tell you it also doubles as a nursing cover? Such a great item.

Copper Pearl 5-In 1 Multi-Use Cover - Classic


Clothing & Accessories


There are so many smart baby items available to register for. This is one of the items that I highly recommend for all new parents. With our first child, we dealt with weight gaining issues when he was really young. But, we never knew what his weight was until we got to the doctors office, and all the other baby scales were too big for our smaller sized house. This smart changing pad is also a scale and all the info is recorded in an app on your phone. Genius!

Hatch Baby Grow - Gray Smart Changing Pad and Scale